Mzion flies on a broom

He never ceases to amaze, Mzion - that's Orlando Pirates' number one, fan Johannes Mofokeng.

He never ceases to amaze, Mzion - that's Orlando Pirates' number one, fan Johannes Mofokeng.

Until the other Friday morning, I had never heard of a "lift" (hitching a hike) on a plane, but the Black Pimpernel (Mzion) pulled it off.

You see, streetwise folk such as Mzion have to take a few turns "checking" on contacts before embarking on a particular trip. That's how he got to watch - from the viewing deck - the chartered flight carrying Bafana Bafana and his Kaizer Chiefs' counterpart Saddam Maake, take off.

"Mzion doesn't understand that this is not a Greyhound bus where you have the choice to get a later coach. He screwed up big-time. How can you let slip of a rare opportunity like this one?" asked a distraught Saddam, referring to the Safa sponsored trip.

He did not know Mzion wa ma Lion, had other ideas. At 6am, an uMkhozi crew member, in Chad with the team, thought it was one of those late dreams when you are trying to catch-up on some sleep, when the phone rang and it was Saddam on the other end.

"Hey, Mzion is here. I can't believe it, he's here. We are trying to organise him a room," said an elated Saddam who had cancelled a double room thinking Mzion was biting his lips somewhere in Sebokeng. By the way, he had even organised his buddy a freebie in-flight toiletry bag that had been lying on his empty seat.

However, it was the theories that abounded at breakfast on Saturday that were more interesting. "How could he have rocked up here as there are no regular flights between South Africa and Chad?", some wondered.

"Could he have been a stowaway (hiding in some luggage or any part of the aircraft), but there are no cargo planes between the two countries?", wondered travel agent Imraan Camroodien.

"He came on a broom," joked Bafana Bafana assistant coach Khabo Zondo.

Mzion, ultimately let uMkhozi in on the secret, he got a lift on a later charter ferrying SABC personnel. In a completely different airline Now, how's that for ingenuity?