I struggle to be an angry person, says Israel aka 'Ma Orange'

Actor Israel Makoe. Picture credit: Leeyonce/Lee Photography
Actor Israel Makoe. Picture credit: Leeyonce/Lee Photography

Celebrities are not supposed to be in public when they are angry.

They need to be able to welcome their fans into their spaces, take pictures and sign autographs. These would be meaningless if one is not happy, these are the words of actor Israel Makoe.

Israel says that has a tough time being sad and chooses to be a happy person in life at all times.

“I spend most of my time happy, I struggle to be an angry person, I think it’s because I know that when I feel upset I close myself indoors to be alone.

"I would rather hit the gym and listen to music,” says Israel.

The actor does not like getting advice from people he believes in understanding your own self.

“I understand myself and also make my own decisions, people don’t understand how you feel, not even your mother or sister.

"I know what heals me when I am troubled, I learn to calm myself, I have my own ways of keeping myself together, if I need to cry I will.

“People always expect you to be happy, they think just because you on TV your life is better, but truth is we all go through the same life issues.”

Israel is grateful for being seen as sexy but has always been aware that he is a looker.

"Growing up he says he was one of those kids loved by neighbours and girls in his childhood. When I visited my aunts they would take me from one house to another and I would get money, I was a handsome boy.

"So it comes as no surprise to be in the top 12 list of Mzansi’s Sexiest celebrities.

“I am sexy, I’m height advantaged, my weight size 34 I describe it as loveable. I love myself so I know that I am one of the sexy men in Mzansi.

“I work out to look good, even growing up I was one of those kids that was hot, I never had the stress of asking a girl out, they always liked me but I was shy, so it made me more reserved.

A lot of people do not know that Israel is a professional pantsula dancer.

“Confederations’ cup I led the Pantsula dance, it is something I have always done.

Very gangster in his art, classical, ghetto and skilfully displayed in every movie role.

He says dedication keeps him going.

“I sustain my talent, I am as hungry as the first day every time I get a job. I don’t take advantage that I am a star. I also respect people and never stop rehearsing, I run a school of arts training upcoming actors.

“Acting is an everyday thing for me in order to grow, I get addicted to what I do and keep myself humble to balance the real life and TV. When given a script I read, I don’t know it all.”