Security firm not playing ball after break-in

Security guard. Picture Credit: Thinkstock
Security guard. Picture Credit: Thinkstock

A Bekkersdal, West Rand, businessman has accused his security company, Boz Rapid Response, of being incompetent after his tavern was broken into two months ago.

George Mothibeli, 75, took an alarm security contract with EF Alarm Security five years ago. He had a good relationship with the company as he could also rely on them to guard his tavern and house while away on holiday.

"Due to economic hardships, the company was forced to close down, but [they] referred me to Rapid Response in May this year," Mothibeli said.

He said as a businessman, he needed to ensure that his stock and property are always protected from criminals. That is why he had the security alarm installed, he said.

"I lost stock worth R6635 when my property was broken into. I can't recover from this, I need to be compensated."

He said besides protecting his home from the criminals, his alarm system was also equipped with smoke detectors that warned him when his property was at risk of catching fire.

Mothibeli said it was for these reasons that he signed up with Boz Rapid Response, and had hoped that their response would be quick when intruders struck. However, the company disappointed him when thugs broke into his business on Spring Day.

Mothibeli said the alarm went off and he was woken up by the armed response service provider who informed him about the break-in.

He said he did not see anything untoward when he checked his CCTV footage, adding that he asked the security company to come over and check his alarm, but they never showed up. He said he was told that a representative got lost on his way to check the alarm.

"It is not acceptable for a security company to tell a client their agent got lost when the GPS [global positioning scheme] is available everywhere."

Mothibeli said he was asked to compile a list of the items that got stolen, which he duly did. Although the security company promised to attend to his claim, nothing has happened - about two months since the burglary.

He said the owner (Leon) of the security company has never bothered to call him or respond to his calls.

"I've called Leon, but I'm not getting any joy dealing with him."

Mothibeli said he was stuck with a two-year contract with the company, but that he was not happy with their service.

Leon Wolmarans apologised for the inconvenience and offered to pay half the amount Mothibeli claims.

He could not explain why and how he reached that decision and ignored all further e-mails sent to him.