It’s time to drop bikinis, miniskirts as autumn leaves start falling

Flirty fabrics, fancy florals keep your wardrobe fun

03 March 2022 - 09:38
By Thango Ntwasa AND Thango Ntwasa
KaCell D. El-Mansura.
Image: Getty Images/ David dee Delgado KaCell D. El-Mansura.

It’s that time of the year when the long weekends are plenty and the days indoors are many. With summer being a fling of the past, it’s time to drop the bikinis as we get ready for autumn.

While many might see the seasons that follow as a good time to keep it neutral and simple when it comes to colours and fabrics, this year might be a good time to embrace a bolder approach to getting dressed.

With so many trends being born on and off of social media, one common thread ties them beautifully together – fun. From flirty fabrics to fancy florals, here is a look at the trends to keep your wardrobe fun and fierce.


Thanks to Gen Z’s love affair with late 1990s and 2000s fashion, trends from yesteryear are reimagined in colourful new ways. Of late, lovers of glamour have seen the pandemic as the killer of glamour, but things are starting to change thanks to the growing Barbiecore aesthetic.

If you have ever owned the doll, the trend is based on the idea of looking like the famous toy. Layer on the pink, don’t be afraid of heels and if you need a break from miniskirts and crop tops, go for velour tracksuits instead.

Shine bright

While necklaces and chokers are a fun way to bring a little bling to your look, metallic fabrics are quickly becoming the preferred take on bringing the bling. A head-to-toe look is best in cooler temperatures lest you boil in the sun like food wrapped in tin foil.

If you are new to the fabric, try it with metallic or holographic shoes that you can pair with bold printed outfits. Shades can also help you introduce metallics into your closet. Try icy cool nails or makeup looks as well for that extra bit of futuristic fashion.

Higher and higher

Elevate your closet this season with platform heels, the brighter the colour – the better. While snobbier fashion lovers are looking down on the Versace-inspired shoe trend, you might want to incorporate your own take on it.

A platform sandal would work best for summer dresses or flowing silhouettes. Opt for gogo boots for casual looks or to give a '70s vibe to one-piece looks bodycon dresses. Sneaker heads also have an array of options here with more high tops and low cuts available in high-flying chunky soles.

Tulle me up

There are plenty of fabrics that can make you happy but tulle is sure to have you twirling with joy. While the trend has been a popular way to elevate a regular old T-shirt look, more and more women are finding the joy of being the belle of the ball in the wonderful fabric.

Image: Getty Images.

Boots like Dr. Martens or chunky sneakers can give it a playful edge with a little bit of street spunk. The trend already brings an element of unexpected fun, so don’t be afraid to layer up skirts for voluminous looks and colour-blocking the fabric to really stand out. 

Romancing the floral

With so much negativity dominating the news lately, it’s no wonder more people are looking to fashion for something a bit more uplifting. And that happens to be flowers most associated with romance such as daisies, lilies and roses. The great thing about this trend is that it is work-wear appropriate and can even be taken on with just a fun floral face mask.

For those who love to layer up with PVC or see-through coats or jackets, leave plastic or real flowers in your pockets to keep up with the crafty homemade feel that dominated the fashion week streets last year. Playful 2000s inspired hairclips and pins can also accentuate any feminine colour palette when dressing this look up.​