READER LETTER | Blacks don’t take education seriously

07 November 2023 - 11:41
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While we abhor load shedding in its entirety, particularly during examinations, we blacks still don’t take education seriously. It’s exactly 1.35am Monday morning in the township I am staying at.

I get woken up by loud music from some tavern a kilometre away, which I am sure can be heard at the local police station. Just imagine at this ungodly hour when this loud music can be heard this far, what about the next door neighbours whose children are supposed to be preparing for exams that are to be written in a few hours?

Why complain about load shedding during examinations while allowing such loud noise to take place within our community. Who is patronising this place at this time? Are the patrons not supposed to be resting in preparation to be getting to work? If they are not working, where do they get money to be spending at this hour?

I am appealing to the station commander of this township to relook at the by-laws governing the operation of shebeens or drinking holes .It is really nauseating for people to be self-centred in wanting money at the expense of the future of our children. This must stop.

Anonymous, Ga-Kgapane Township