Granny over the moon about her new ID book

CELANI Sishi is jubilant after receiving her ID document.

Yesterday she could not hold back the tears, saying it meant "freedom" and she would no longer be a "burden" to anyone.

The destitute grandmother from Hammarsdale lost her ID in a fire at her home 10 years ago.

She has since been fighting a battle to be issued with a new one. She has been forced to live on the goodwill of neighbours.

In October Sowetan ran a story about Sishi's plight. It was discovered that she shared an ID with someone else and she had to reapply.

Two weeks ago officials of the Department of Home Affairs in Durban went to her home and restarted the application process.

Yesterday she showed off the ID that "belongs" to her.

"I hope this means I won't be a burden to people anymore. I will now apply for a pension grant and food parcels.

"I am over the moon. Getting the document is hopefully a step forward."

A letter that came with the document from the department, signed by the general manager, said: "The matter was investigated and it was found that the ID number was allocated to you in the population register."