Martial arts at their finest

IF the martial arts are your thing, especially kung fu, you will love the Shaolin Monks.

IF the martial arts are your thing, especially kung fu, you will love the Shaolin Monks.

The masters of kung fu return to South Africa for a brief season early next year to demonstrate their authentic martial arts expertise in an awe-inspiring performance called the Wheel of Life.

The Shaolin Monks, the originators of the kung fu martial arts, will perform at The Teatro at Montecasino from March 9 to 21.

The show will then move to the Grand Arena, Grand West Casino, Cape Town, from March 26 until 28.

This phenomenal display of theatre and physical prowess will allow local audiences to share the astonishment experienced by audiences across the globe as the 20-member cast perform superhuman feats.

They transport audiences to another world with their astounding feats that include being lifted up on razor-sharp spears, breaking iron bars on their heads and smashing concrete blocks while lying on a bed of nails.

The monks are the ultimate masters of kung fu. They have refined defensive martial arts over a period of 15 centuries to a rare and spectacular point of perfection.

Wheel of Life showcases the near-miraculous feats of physical endurance that are the outward expressions of an inner peace, harmony and iron will.

The imaginative music, combined with high-tech lighting sets the stage alive and enhances it with colourful, exciting and dramatic performances.

This combination of explosive power, imaginative theatrics inspired by Chinese theatre and traditional story-telling will excite local audiences.

Their performances are a celebration of the Shaolin Monks history and religion.

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