Four injured as chemical oil tank explodes

FOUR men were injured when a chemical tank filled with oil exploded in Beechgate Road, south of Durban, yesterday.

It is not yet clear what caused the 23000-litre chemical oil tank, in the SATI Chemicals plant, to explode.

The tank exploded and then caught fire, rocking factories and houses in residential areas in the neighbourhood.

Firefighters worked tirelessly to put out the blazing flames, and by late afternoon the tank was still engulfed by flames.

A worker who had suffered serious burns to his face and legs was admitted to hospital.

Several others who were treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns were also likely to be treated and discharged later yesterday.

Jeff Wicks of Netcare 911 said that, according to the firefighters on the scene, the smoke was not hazardous and there was no cause for alarm.