Jennifer leaves BBA house over 'bad news'

IF Jennifer had left the Big Brother house before meeting South Africa's Quinn it would have been much better, they both agreed.

Jennifer, from Mozambique, voluntarily left the show after she received "bad news" from home.

Uganda's Phil was voted out.

Lying in bed and holding hands, Jennifer and Quinn spoke about her decision to leave.

"Who will I sit with at night?" Quinn asked.

"Paloma," she responded.

Quinn asked: "Why are you doing this to me?"

Yesterday Jennifer told Sowetan that she missed Quinn.

"We became really close. I miss him," she said.

Asked if her boyfriend back home wouldn't be upset by the intimate conversation, she said: "I don't know what his reaction will be. He doesn't know that I am coming home."

The 22-year-old said: "First I want to make money. I'm not ready to marry yet. I want to travel a lot. I have made friends in Africa and will visit them.

"I would like to keep in touch with all the house mates except Rene. She nominated me and lied about it. We just didn't click."

She described herself as a brave, friendly and emotional woman, saying being in the house was an "amazing experience".

"It's strange being out here. I feel like I was in a cage. I don't want to discuss what made me leave but it had something to do with family."

Phil said: "I would love to keep in touch with all the housemates. I learnt that I don't like taking orders. I miss Liz. I will wait for her to come out of the house to see what will happen."