Trader still waiting for furniture

ALII Vaed is still waiting for the sheriff to return his furniture.

The Durban trader's home was "cleaned out" by the sheriff of the court because he owed the municipality R2000 on his rates bill. The furniture was removed a fortnight ago from Vaed's home in Bonella near Cato Manor, when only his young daughter was at home.

"The municipality conceded that they had made a mistake attaching my furniture after I had made payments in March.

"I paid R7000 of the R9000 I owed. They sent my details to the sheriff but did not update their system to reflect my payment. They tell me that I should go to the sheriff's warehouse to collect my furniture.

"I have also been told that I am liable for storeroom fees that are accumulating for the furniture and that will be added to my bill," he said.

Vaed accuses the municipality of apartheid tacties. "I have neighbours who owe rates too but nothing was attached from their homes."

The Manager of the municipal arrears department, Philile Madonsela, said Vaed had made arrangements to pay his debt.

"The matter is with the legal department. They should make an arrangement about how he gets his furniture back."