Nothing African about Africa Day

Real value gets lost when those in power have little knowledge.

Real value gets lost when those in power have little knowledge.

I went to Newtown to observe the day that signifies African liberation - Africa Day May 25.

I had hoped to be taught and be reminded of the sacrifices that the AU predecessors made towards liberating Africa. But nothing was mentioned about the founders of the OAU, its objectives, missions, constitution, African socialism, philosophies, cultures or development. Not once did anybody speak about Kwame Nkrumah, Haile Selassie I or the need to decolonise Africa and create African unity by eradicating poverty, inequality, hunger, civil wars or human displacement.

The only unity was the common diversity Africans share.

One would have thought that some of the artists came from the US. Some sounded like they can' t speak a single African word. How embarrassing. Why celebrate colonisation, through conversing in "deep" colonial languages when the AU founders fought against it?

Many Africans think that colonisation was the best thing to happen to Africa.

I hate so-called VIPs. When did Africans start discriminating according to class? There was a marquee for these naïve people who have inherited colonial mentalities of class discrimination.

These idiots fenced themselves in because they think the lower classes will steal their possessions.

African kings walked among the people, without bodyguards. Africans should learn about themselves and not embrace wrong cultures and ideals.

Phillimon Mnisi, Johannesburg