Sour grapes from chief Buthelezi

The ANC has proved how popular it is since it was unbanned in 1990. Its final rally in Johannesburg on Sunday is a threat to some in many areas, especially in KwaZulu-Natal.

IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi knows that his party will perform dismally at the polls and therefore claims that tomorrow' s elections will not be free and fair.

Is Buthelezi a prophet or is he just trying to console himself?

This annoys me because our elections have been rated among the best - except in his home town - where I think the Minister of Safety and Security and other security cluster departments have done a good job to stop the warlords from stopping the electorate from voting for a party of their choice, freely and without any intimidation from IFP members.

Buthelezi is trying hard to instigate his warlords to be rebellious after an ANC victory is officially announced.

I do not think that South Africa needs such leaders in this era. I think it's time that Buthelezi retires from politics and considers pension because his organisation is suffering under his leadership.

It will continue to suffer, just like Zanu-PF under Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Both Zanu-PF and the IFP need innovative thinking.

Masket Mtshweni, Tshwane