'KEFUOE pushed into the pool'

Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela yesterday said that Sacred Heart College pupil Kefuoe Seakamela was pushed to her death in the school's swimming pool.

And the family has now decided to seek legal advice with a view to force the school and its principal to reveal the truth.

This emerged yesterday at Kefuoe's funeral service, who was buried at the Avalon Cemetery in Soweto.

Kefuoe was found floating in the school pool on December 2.

Madikizela-Mandela said: "Sacred Heart College must know that there are still men and women of honour, men and women of conscience who told us what really happened, and not the doctored version which is sold to us. We know that Kefuoe was pushed into the pool by a bigger child," she said.

She said that the family needed answers to all the questions they posed.

Madikizela-Mandela said that until the school tells the family the truth a heavy black cloud would hang over Sacred Heart College.

She said that her daughter Zindzi had removed all her grandchildren and great grandchildren from the school, and a number of friends intended following suit next year.

Madikizela-Mandela said that the family would wait for the post-mortem results before deciding on the next step.

Family spokesman Sidney Seakamela said they had exhausted all the avenues to get the school to tell the truth.

"We are faced with the challenge of proving facts. How do we disprove a false version without taking legal action?

"We tried to nurse the situation with expectation from the school but we failed."

Seakamela said that attempts to be told the truth by the school did not yield any results and they were waiting for the post-mortem report.

"We received unsigned statements from the teachers by email, but these are questionable."

He said that the school did not show remorse for Kefuoe's death.

"The principal left for a holiday to England yesterday, which also shows lack of remorse," he said.

Seakamela said the presence of the principal would have given the family confidence in the school.