Lots of acting on BBA3, says Lerato

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Now that the fun and games have begun on Big Brother Africa 3, Sowetan roped in Lerato to share her views about the reality show.

Lerato was not only South Africa's hope in BBA2 but the most popular person and a trendsetter.

"I have an advantage because I am seeing Big Brother from the other side of the screen," Lerato says. "The housemates haven't relaxed enough to be themselves. There is a lot of acting and fake behaviour geared to the camera.

"There have been moments but nothing earth shattering. Voting for someone to go to the Rubbish Bin, then asking viewers to vote again to evict him, is just way over the top.

"Among Uti, Ricco and Lucille, who was replaced by TK, I would vote her out. Ricco fancies himself as the Casanova who should stay so that we can see how many women he can score with in the house.

"Uti is hot, so he must stay. You want people to push him because he has a bit of a temper. So far people are just friendly and nice to each other," she says chuckling.

To get some excitement going people should stop gossiping about each other and say these things to their faces. So far, nasty comments are only coming up in the diary room.