Outdoors shopping mall sings high notes



Our economy may be stumbling, but people still have the time and money to shop.

That's what developer Peter Behrmann, who opened the Bluebird shopping centre just off Corlett Drive in Johannesburg last year, is hoping. The centre in Atholl is a bite-size shopping experience.

Georgina Guedes of News24.com is a girl after my own heart who says: "It has always been an enigma to me why, in this city of pretty good views and beautiful weather, we insist on building our malls, our social spaces, to be dull square structures that face inwards."

Happily this centre was designed to be completely outdoors. It combines the controlled area of a mall with the space, light and ease of high street shopping. The developers say it's the only retail centre in South Africa with its own park. They have accepted responsibility to upgrade the municipal garden, integrate it with Blubird and to maintain it on an ongoing basis.


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