Purring goddess of dawn hotter than a Durban curry

Phuti Mpyane

Phuti Mpyane


South Africa is a hub of diversity. We have nine provinces, 11 official languages, a choice of more than 1500 cars and even our national flag is a kaleidoscope of colours.

The same applies to personality profiles: they range from the sober-minded, sensible car buyers to road louts with money.

This week I stumbled on a car that pushes the envelope and knowing that many of us long for an open-topped car, the VW Eos 2,0-TFSI parked at a VW dealer in Midrand caught my attention.

It's a 2008 model with, wait for it, numerous non-VW specified extras. A standard Eos is a charming little coupe-cabriolet with the funkiest electric roof in the segment.

With full leather upholstery the interior of this Eos is clearly up-market, with all the available goodies such as seat warmers, navigation and a superb entertainment system.

But the selling point of this particular Eos lies in two critical areas away from the cabin furniture.

The first is the exterior appearance. It's a matter of awe-evoking deep midnight black paint, a highly polished grille and 18 inch split rim alloys shod with low-profile rubber.

The overall "wow" effect is turned up by a lowering kit that gives this Eos a bad-boy look.

The motor in our test Eos has been through LSM (Lindsay Saker Motorsport) tweaking. It produces an eye-watering 194kW.

That it's hotter than a Durban curry is indisputable. Of that the traction control light that flickers like a Christmas tree at every touch of the car's throttle is proof enough.

It's fast and fabulous and requires only the attention of a buyer with plenty of moolah and not a care about its price, the fuel bill and the VW warranty that surely must have dropped off the moment it drove out of its modifier's workshop.

Have a look at it.

It's so beautifully re-mastered I figure that if Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn, were around today she would be driving one like this.

Cars done up like this remind you that our time on earth is borrowed and you should enjoy the ride while it lasts.

So there you have it. An Eos that has everything a moneyed youngster will appreciate.

Car courtesy of Lindsay Saker Midrand.

PRICE: R379900

MILEAGE: 13000km

In my line of work and weekly visits to dealers I've learnt that you have to be regular.

You have to maintain relations and this requires periodic visits to establishments you've been to before to keep your face on cycle.

E-mail is just not enough.

Woodmead Nissan, on hearing that Sowetan readers are warming to me, informed me that they have 2007 Nissan Tiidas on special.

They are selling them for R100000.

Now, a quick profile: The Tiida is a one of those sober cars.

Its spacious cabin and generally affordable price and running costs are sweet - but don't do much to mask its dullness.

But you can make a plan and I've seen quite a few on the road that have been touched-up with fat sideskirts, big alloys and tinted windows.

For that price and affordability it sure beats walking by miles.