Somizi tells court of R10000 sex offer

Nkosana Lekotjolo

Nkosana Lekotjolo

The man accusing flamboyant choreographer Somizi Mhlongo of indecently assaulting him offered to have sex with him for a fee.

Mhlongo, 34, told the court that complainant Celani Njapha offered to have sex with him in exchange for R10000.

"He thought I was going to persuade him to drop charges and give him money," Mhlongo said. "I think he also feels offended that I turned him down and didn't want to have sex with him."

Mhlongo told the court that Njapha had approached him (when they first met) under the wrong impression that homosexuals are promiscuous, As a result he thought Mhlongo would want to sleep with him.

Mhlongo is alleged to have indecently assaulted Njapha in the early hours of November 25 last year in his house in Lonehill.

The assault apparently happened after Mhlongo gave the complainant a lift. They drove to Mhlongo's house where the alleged assault took place.

After Mhlongo offered Njapha a drink he went to his bedroom to change. On returning to the sitting room he found Njapha watching a pornographic DVD.

"He was watching porn and playing with himself on my couch," Mhlongo said. "I told him he was dirtying my couch."

That was when the complainant allegedly offered him sex in exchange for money.

Mhlongo said he at no point touched Njapha because "he's not my type".

Njapha testified that Mhlongo unzipped his pants and fondled his private parts.

During cross-examination Njapha often looked down in shame and the magistrate had to repeatedly instruct him to raise his voice.

Mhlongo's lawyer, Nyiko Khupane, argued that there were inconsistencies in Njapha's evidence.

"The complainant said the reason he jumped into my client's car was to get his autograph and contact number so that my client could help him with dancing auditions," Khupane said.

"But when he realised he hadn't mentioned this in his statement he accused the police of negligence.

"He also testified that the alleged assault took 10 minutes, but didn't mention this critical fact in his initial statement and blamed the police for omitting it."

Prosecutor Teresa de Kamper argued that Mhlongo misused his celebrity status to indecently assault Njapha, who is a fan of his.

Magistrate Mombakazi Thwele postponed the case to May 23 for judgment.