Gang moves from house to house

Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

Soweto police are searching for the parents of an unknown youth who was allegedly murdered in a night of bloody mayhem at the hands of a gang of four thugs in Braamfischerville, Soweto, this week.

The gun-toting thugs broke into three houses in the township, west of Dobsonville, and allegedly left a 15-year-old boy, believed to be a Mozambican, dead in their wake.

Another man was critically injured while a family of four, including a 78-year-old grandmother, were robbed and left in a traumatic state.

The 15-year-old youth, whose identity is still unknown, was the first to be attacked.

The gang broke into his shack in the yard of an uninhabited house, where he lived alone and ran a hair salon.

He had moved to the area only a few weeks ago.

The gang allegedly shot the boy dead.

Police spokesman Philemon Khorombi said: "We have not made any arrests so far.

"We are also looking for the family of the young man to inform them of his death."

The gang then moved on to a house a short distance away and allegedly attacked a family of four.

Theyfound 78-year-old pensioner Dora Kembo and her three grandchildren and allegedly snatched a cellphone belonging to Kembo's 18-year-old granddaughter, Lerato.

Their next victim was Simon Kgaswane.

The gang kicked the door to and when he tried to resist he was allegedly shot.

He is recovering at Leratong Hospital, Randfontein, on the West Rand.

The communications officer of Leratong Hospital, Francinah Ratsaka, has, however, declined to provide details of the extent of his injuries.