Divine help in HIV-Aids war

Michael Tlhakudi

Michael Tlhakudi

Bloemfontein has probably never seen anything like it.

For two days the Zion Christian Church (ZCC), led by Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane, held an open-air service to pray against the deadly influence wrought by HIV-Aids. The meeting was attended by thousands of people.

Members of the biggest independent church in Africa held the service at Vodacom Park Stadium in Bloemfontein. The other purpose of the gathering was to strengthen partnerships and relationships with various religious institutions and the Free State government.

When the church members began arriving last Friday afternoon, Free State Premier Beatrice Marshoff welcomed them.

She said: "The church has a significant role to play with regard to strengthening families, particularly regarding lessening the effect of HIV-Aids on children, poverty alleviation and the fight against child abuse.

"The Free State government needs the church and the rest of the religious communities, not as party political interested organisations, but as partners in the rebuilding of the broken lives of our people," said Marshoff.

She appealed to the church to help fight women and child abuse, unemployment, poverty and HIV-Aids.

Lekganyane agreed, saying the church was well positioned to help the province and the country in the fight against abuse and HIV-Aids.

The church would help the province and the country but this would only be possible with the help of God, said Lekganyane.

"We need to take responsibility as leaders to show our people who elected us into office that we are capable leaders."