Proverb isn't here for a tweep pitting him against Bonang

05 October 2019 - 10:26
By Kyle Zeeman
Proverb is a big fan of Bonang.
Image: Via/ Proverb Proverb is a big fan of Bonang.

Don't get it twisted, Proverb is not here for arguments about whether he is better at presenting than Bonang Matheba.

The Idols SA host is one of the best presenters in Mzansi and is often compared to those abroad.

But when one fan rolled on to the Twitter TLs to try to “settle” the argument about who was the best host in SA, Proverb shut them down real quick.

He saw the post and responded with a courteous: “There’s no competition of any kind here. Queen B all day, every day! Bonang.”

Fans applauded him for his “humility” and joined him in celebrating Bonang, who has been accused of “taking all the presenting jobs” in Mzansi.

After she presented the Miss SA pageant, a fan said: “Bonang is arguably the biggest celebrity we have ever had in SA.”

A tweep hit back, saying she was “the biggest because they only give Bonang jobs”.

Bonang hit back, saying: I get those jobs because I’M THE BEST!”