'With tearful eyes I watched you slowly fade away' - Robbie Malinga's wife

02 January 2018 - 11:58
By Karishma Thakurdin
Image: Instagram Robbie and Ann Malinga.

Emotions ran high at the Rhema Bible Church in Randburg when a letter written by Robbie Malinga's widow‚ Ann was read out at his funeral.

Ann poured her heart out about the amazing husband and father he was‚ and how the memories they made will live on with her forever.

"To my dearest husband‚ there were two hearts that beat together now there is one. I've shared many tears since I lost you and many more will pour because I've lost a good man."

Ann thanked her husband for teaching her the importance of respecting their marriage and for protecting their family always.

"My heart is broken into a million tiny pieces but I will cling onto the memories that bring you near."

Ann reflected on Malinga's final day and the pain that she watched him endure.

"I wish I could touch you one last time without bringing back the pain. I tried everything possible to save your precious life but God had a bigger plan. With tearful eyes I watched you slowly fade away. My life will never be the same‚ I have lost a soulmate but heaven gained an angel."

Malinga's son‚ Robbie Jnr also paid tribute to his dad saying that he was the best man and that his legacy would not be wasted.

"He built a foundation and I have to build on top of that. I'm Robbie Malinga the second and I also want to be the best."

Malinga died on Christmas day after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June last year.