READER LETTER | Let's fight GBV, create a better world for women, girls

06 December 2023 - 11:28
File photo.
Image: ANTONIO MUCHAVE File photo.

The recent crime statistics have revealed the staggering number of rapes in Gauteng (2,096) in the past three months.

This paints a picture of the grim reality women face daily. Women in this province live in constant fear of being attacked in the communities where they live. They are not safe to jog or walk in the areas where they live.

The once familiar streets now feel menacing and the shadows seem to loom larger, concealing potential threats. The statistics also represent the shattered lives of women, the stolen innocence of young girls and the deep rooted fear that permeates our lives.

Every rape is a violation, a reminder of the vulnerability we face and a stark indictment of a society that has failed to protect its women. The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle they face. It is time to reflect on the progress made and also to acknowledge the immense challenges that lie ahead.

Crezane Bosch MPL, DA Gauteng shadow MEC for community safety