Don't set kids against fathers

01 December 2021 - 08:23
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The main person who should be encouraging children to have a relationship with their father is their mother. But Instead of being the glue that brings fathers and their children  together, some mothers work against this relationship.

If the mother is against the father, or she does not love him anymore, she'll turn the children against him. If the mother wants another man to raise the children, the biological father often does not fight against that wish.

Mothers wield too much power to determine how the family is structured. The father and the children (even after they've grown up) submit to whatever decisions the mother makes, no matter how selfish or senseless they are.

We live in an era where parents use their own children to punish their partners and because of that many children are being raised by single parents. Co-parenting is also failing when parents do not consider the best for their children and focus on their fights.

The end of a relationship shouldn’t be the end of parenting rights. Give fathers a chance to be present in the lives of their offspring. Girls and boys, you do not have to hate your father just because your mother said so. You don't have to live your life not talking to him just because she doesn't talk to him.

You don't have to think he's a monster just because she said he's a monster. Don't let someone who is of no blood relation to your father decide if you and your father will have a relationship or not. You can make that decision for yourself.

Consolation Mathebula, Bushbuchridge