Revealed: Ex cop who sold guns to gangsters is in witness protection

01 January 2021 - 12:00
By Staff Reporter
About 2,400 firearms were reportedly sold by ex Col Chris Prinsloo to Cape Flats gangsters.
Image: 123RF/123RF Premium About 2,400 firearms were reportedly sold by ex Col Chris Prinsloo to Cape Flats gangsters.

A former SAPS colonel jailed in connection with the theft of firearms, which were then sold to gangs on the Cape `Flats, is in a witness protection programme after being paroled earlier this year.

This has emerged from a parliamentary question posed by Adv `Glynnis Breytenbach to justice and correctional services minister Ronald Lamola.

The former officer, who had been stationed in Gauteng as the commander of the firearm, liquor and second-hand goods control unit, was granted parole after only serving four years of an 18-year sentence for 20 charges of racketeering, corruption and money laundering, including the distribution of lethal weapons to gangs in the Western Cape.

Breytenbach, a former prosecutor who now serves as a DA MP, asked the minister on what grounds he had been granted parole and the terms applicable.

While neither she nor the minister publicly named him, the offences made it evident that they were referring to former colonel Chris Prinsloo. The Daily Maverick reported that he had been paroled in April last year, and had been seen in Gauteng but had since disappeared. Her parliamentary question was dated November 18.

The minister, in his response, said: “The offender in question qualified for remission of sentence which reduced his sentence with one year. He then became eligible to be considered for parole as part of the special parole dispensation and his placement on parole was approved by the parole board.”

He was told to report twice a week at a community corrections office.

The minister then revealed: “It should also be noted that the offender in question is currently under witness protection.

“We are limited by regulations to disclose information on this matter. However, we have been briefed by the department on this matter and details will be communicated as other cases are enrolled with the justice system.”