Julius Malema invites Makoko residents to EFF's sixth birthday celebration

25 July 2019 - 11:17
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Image: Alaister Russell EFF Julius Malema

The EFF celebrates it's sixth birthday on Saturday.

In a bid to have residents attend the festivities in Kanyamazane‚ Mpumalanga‚ party leader Julius Malema extended an invite to a "festival for the poor" to the community of Makoko. He also engaged with its members on issues including service delivery and joblessness.

Here's a summary of his address:

Development of Africa

"If you want to create jobs‚ South African companies must start going into African countries. But if you are led by fools like ANC‚ who are sitting on top of their brains and the only thing they know what to do is steal money‚ then there will be no progress."

Eskom and job-creation

"Eskom can put electricity in Zimbabwe‚ Lesotho‚ Swaziland and Mozambique. That is how big Eskom is. It has got the capacity. Imagine if Eskom put the electricity in all these states‚ imagine how much money we would make? Imagine how many jobs we would create."

Social grants

"The RDP houses‚ the social grants is the money that comes from our people. It's not from the ANC‚ the ANC doesn't give people houses‚ the houses come from government. Without your tax‚ there is no government."


"We want the money for the pensioners to increase because we all know that it is the elderly that take care of the kids."

Employment over grants

"We can't celebrate people getting child grants. We don't want more people in the child grant‚ we want more people employed‚ because we want you to be able to take care of your family‚ because R400 is not enough. We want you to get a job which is paying well."


"We want schools everywhere. This thing of having transport to schools is an acceptance of failure by government. When they give us transport it means there will never be schools near where we stay."

Sloppy service delivery

"We can't live 25 years without water. We can't live 25 years without a proper healthcare system and 24-hour clinics. We want our elderly to receive proper healthcare."

-TMG Digital.