Pastor puts fear into studio staff

NOT ILLEGAL: Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng
NOT ILLEGAL: Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng

DEMON-bashing pastor Paseka Motsoeneng, aka Mboro, left people in a state of fear on Tuesday when he rocked up for an interview at Urban Brew studios with an army of people.

His entourage included seven fully armed bodyguards in seven different cars and seven women who ushered him into the studio.

Headlines' Kuli Roberts told Sowetan that she was so scared that she could not sleep after the interview.

"I was literally shaking during the interview. I kept on thinking about him. I did not know how to address him. I kept on calling him pastor Mboro and prophet Mboro because I was scared I was going to offend him. I have done interviews but that was the scariest I have done in my life," Roberts said.

Another crew member, who did not wish to be named, said people were even scared to shake the pastor's hand or look at him. She said a woman who was booked to do Mboro's make-up sent someone else instead.

"People stood far away from him.

"I was praying in tongues the whole time.

"The woman who was booked to do his make-up sent someone else because she was scared of him.

"Nobody wanted to talk about him afterwards because they feared they would be bewitched. One lady went to the toilet to pray."

Mboro said he did not see anything wrong with bringing bodyguards to the studio.

"I go with them everywhere. I have to protect myself. Where was the media when I was shot by criminals? Is it a crime now in South Africa to have bodyguards?

"These bodyguards are legal with licensed firearms.

"I will have them any time I want. I am not breaking any law. I am protecting myself. I do not have to explain myself to the media," he said.

Motsoeneng added that the media's "negative stories" were hurting his church.

"People have left in numbers because of the lies you people write about me. Fortunately some are seeing through the lies of the media.

"I have helped a lot of people, taken kids to school, but you never write about those things. You can write whatever you want but I will not stop doing more miracles."

Motsoeneng said people were persecuting him because he was exposing their witchcraft.