EVERYONE wants a house by the sea. Everyone hopes the struggle is over. Everyone says life is only tomorrow. But, tomorrow is too late for me.

EVERYONE wants a house by the sea. Everyone hopes the struggle is over. Everyone says life is only tomorrow. But, tomorrow is too late for me.

This is a translated version of a song by one of South Africa's famous Afrikaans singers, Koos Kombuis, and as he was spelling out his dream of the future, I too have a dream, a dream of a country full of prosperity and opportunities.

Yes. To be the host of the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup tournament leaves South Africa with new advantages. I would like to look at the bright side of this event.

In this case, I have to agree with American sports writing legend Jimmy Cannon when he says sport is the toy department of our existence. Undoubtedly, sport is a stress reliever and with the World Cup phenomenon finally having crossed our doorstep, people will relax. Instead of paying your doctor as well as your chemist for tranquillisers, you can sit back and watch your favourite country's soccer team, either in one of our new soccer stadiums or on television.

South Africa has already proven itself to be an able organiser of big sporting events. In Beeld of September 5 2008 writer Lauren Thys mentioned that there is nothing wrong with our ability to organise big sporting events.

We already proved that last year, by organising the Fifa Confederations Cup soccer tournament and the latest tour of the British Lions, not to mention the Rugby World Cup in 1995 and the World Cricket Cup in 2003.

These events have definitely positively contributed to our economy. According to Mr Julian Wentzel, head of research at Macquire First South, the 2010 Soccer World Cup will have a huge economic injection for our country for years to come. He was quoted in the Beeld on January 30, 2009.

We live in a country that is not blessed with the strongest economy and most abundant job opportunities in the world, but with every big sporting event - like the Fifa 2010 Soccer World Cup - thousands of job opportunities are created and tourism is flourishing.

Without a toy department, the big retailers would not survive economically. Neither would our country without tourism and economy-boosters like the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

South Africa has made a success of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, so we are bound to score: "Everyone will have a house by the sea. Truly, everyone will hope (and surely know) that the struggle is over. Life won't be only tomorrow. And, tomorrow won't be too late for me.

l The author is a Gauteng matriculant who came second in the 2010 Anglo American and Sowetan Young Communicators Awards. Ricky Mathebula was placed third. Overall winner Aisha Kholane will compete in the national YCA finals in August.

The national Education Department is the third, crucial nation-building partner of this long-running youth development project.