Mashonisa dies for cash

A MASHONISA (money lender) was shot dead and stripped naked on Sunday evening minutes after arriving to collect money that he had lent to a man.

The victim, Nelson Mokoena, in his 40s, allegedly went to Marite at about 6.30pm to request repayment of his money from a client who he did not find home.

Police said Mokoena, who was also affectionately known as Papanyane, found his client's children at home. He allegedly forced them to go and call their father for him to pay him back.

The children allegedly called their father, who drove home almost immediately. On arrival the man apparently had a heated argument with Mokoena.

During the argument, Mokoena allegedly picked up a rock and hit his client on the left eye. The man allegedly produced a firearm.

"The client shot the victim in the neck, killing him on the spot. Later when we were called to the scene we found the victim lying naked in a pool of blood.

"His trouser was neatly put next to his body," Calcutta police spokesperson Constable Tshepo Lebyane said yesterday.

Mokoena's client later handed himself over to the police and is expected to appear in the Mkhuhlu magistrate's court today on a charge of murder. .

Police have confirmed that the arrested man had sustained injuries to his left eye.

Police said the gun that was used to kill Mokoena was licensed to the man who was arrested for his murder. Police say they confiscated the firearm during his arrest.

"Our investigations are continuing. The victim's cellphone and cash might also have been stolen during the incident," said Lebyane.