'The film industry thrives on creativity'

WHAT does a day in the life of a film director entail?

WHAT does a day in the life of a film director entail?

There are no typical days for a film director. Each week differs greatly from the last. That's what makes my role at New Vision Pictures so dynamic, it's constantly changing and always exciting.

However, the daily tasks include: Script writing; proofing edits with editors; making relevant aesthetic and storyline changes; directing animators and sound engineers; being on set and directing; pre-production and planning of shoots.

Why did you decide on this career?

The creativity it provides and being able to do what you love every day. Also getting to deal with different people who are all open minded and completely unconventional.

The film industry is hard. Extremely strenuous hours, but the joy of seeing your work on TV and people reacting to something you created is indescribable.

How did you get into this career?

I studied graphic design and brand communication at Vega Brand Communications. Film was a hobby, something I stumbled upon. You do need to have an eye for what works aesthetically. Natural creative insight is crucial. You have to have the ability to think out the box.

You also need to be a hard worker and be willing to work up to 20 hours a day.

You must have people skills and be able to direct and lead a team of people. If you prefer computer work and being behind the "crafting" of the product, look into post production and editing.

If you prefer storytelling, look into directing, producing or writing.

It's all about networking. So make sure you can meet and get along with people easily.

What's most challenging about the job?

Coming up with creative solutions for budgets and time-constrictive projects. You need to plan and ensure all resources and the rest of the team at New Vision Pictures are on par. Every day we must be on top form.

What do you love most about your career?

Being out the office on set. Travelling across the country and globe, seeing and experiencing bizarre, exotic and wonderful things. It opens your eyes to the world.

You see and do things you could never begin to imagine. At New Vision Pictures we handle clients from across the world.

What type of person would make a success at this?

The person who never gives up, works hardest and has the most unique approach to life and to people.

It's all about storytelling and how fresh in your approach you can be.

What subjects do you need to pass at high school?

I would recommend art and English.

You will need good writing and artistic input skills.

What does one study at tertiary level?

There are specialised schools, such as AFDA, for focused film study. Depending what you want to specialise in. Whether it is camera work, directing or acting. However I studied graphic design at Vega and still managed to work my way into the film world.

It depends on how creative you are. In the creative industry you can go anywhere as long as you are willing to work for it.

What growth prospects are there in this career?

There are many aspects of a film career.

The storytelling prospects range from directing, writing, content directing, offline editing. The post production prospects can range from editing to visual effects and 3D.

If you are a quick learner and are driven you can switch between different aspects within the film world.

What is the entry-level salary for this job?

It will take you a while until you can survive on your own. For the first three years expect between R4000 and R12000 a month, depending on what you specialise in.

You can maximise your income by working on many projects and increasing your experience.

This industry is all about experience. So be prepared to learn.