THIS book could be seen as the rule book of starting and running a small business.

Gerber uses his personal experience to outline some of the factors of entrepreneurship.

His story begins when his 96-year-old mother ignites Gerber's dream when he thought he had done it all at the age of 69.

She tells him that at his age he can do anything he wants in life and start his life all over again.

This defining moment leads Gerber to start a consultation business for entrepreneurs, which he wanted to be as famous as the McDonald franchise.

But before that dream becomes a reality Gerber goes through a thought process for entrepreneurs.

He says an entrepreneur is an inventor and creator of opportunities and everyone possesses the ability to become one.

The author also outlines the personality of an entrepreneur as a dreamer, thinker, storyteller and leader.

At the end of his discussion anyone it is clear why starting and managing a business is only for the ambitious.

But Gerber fails to contextualise his principles to various situations like Africa, where start-up capital remains the biggest barrier for anyone wanting to start a business.

He also fails to explain how a person who wants to start a business, but does not want to stop working, can go about it.

In the middle chapters, Gerber gives four factors important to running a business.

For example, he says "master the money" but does not explain in detail how one can do this.

The book ends with the golden pyramid strategy that includes identifying your skills, knowing your niche market, knowing your trade zone and picking the 10 most appealing customers and knowing everything you can possibly know about them.

Gerber also fails to give the reader reasons why small businesses fail and to back this up with research.