Commuters get a bad deal from Metrorail

IF METRORAIL were a football team, they would be champions and well ahead of their opposition as far as consistency goes.

Unfortunately their consistency is at the detriment of poor commuters who recently experienced a 35percent increase in ticket prices.

Now Metrorail has stopped commuters buying monthly tickets. People have to buy weekly or return tickets all month, which will cost more. Their lame excuse is that there is a Transnet strike looming, which might affect the running of trains. What balderdash. How many times have there been strikes that led to workers being fired?

Were monthly ticket sales suspended then? No.

The truth is that Metrorail has lost a lot of money because they had to hire buses to ferry commuters after the recent Rovos-train accident.

Now they want to recover some of the money that they lost from the poor and easily-targeted commuters.

Andile Tshona, Vosloorus