Rebuke Juju in ANC, not media

AS CADRES of the movement, we accept that Jacob Zuma as ANC president has the right to rebuke any member of the organisation who falls foul of the constitution of the ANC.

In the same breath, the ANC leadership need to recognise that if you address its members through the media, members will be compelled to address the same issues through the media.

Zuma should have discussed his misgivings with Julius Malema privately. Some of us have fought and defended Zuma on numerous occasions. We have been ridiculed for this. We have been branded by the hostile South African media as "the mob of JZ supporters".

It therefore really baffles the mind that Zuma can feel under pressure by the same hostile media and other constituencies, who want to see his demise and who never miss an opportunity to pass snide remarks about the president.

Even recently it was only the ANCYL that stood up to defend Zuma in his misfortunes of impregnating Irvin Khoza's daughter out of wedlock. It was the same league that stood up and defended him when he was savagely attacked and ridiculed by the British media.

The rebuke is divisive and has the potential to cause further divisions in the ANC. One can already pick from sanctimonious comments by the SACP's general secretary .

Malema should be counselled internally and not be thrown to the wolves through undue pressure by the media, which has no respect for the president of the country.

Patrick Rampai, Klerksdorp