Bravo, Khoza

THE sooner the back-stabbing and the skulduggery bedevelling our football ends, the better.

And all right-thinking individuals should shoot down the suggestion to cease hostilities until after the World Cup. As if resuming our childish tantrums after the much-awaited spectacle would make the behaviour of the sore losers any less despicable.

Credit should go to Irvin Khoza who has had the brainwave to realise that no man is bigger than the World Cup and the interests of the country. History will judge him kindly for garnering the wisdom to commit to focussing on ensuring we host the most successful World Cup.

If he remains of this sound mind beyond July 11 and accepts that the incumbent Safa suits did not steal votes into their seats, the easier it will be for all to sleep better at night.

And, as the parlance in the game goes, soccer will be the winner.