Mabizela has a bout of verbal diarrhoea

I READ with disbelief in Sowetan on12 January that OJ Mabizela was quoted as saying "I'm better than some Bafana".

It is a shame and disgrace. Perhaps Mabizela smoked something before the interview.

My grandmother used to remind me of the Venda idiom - Tshipala Mulilo tshia dipalela, which loosely translated means "You choose your own cup of coffee so that you will have no one to blame when it becomes cold".

Had it not been for his wayward behaviour off the field Mabizela, as undoubtedly one of the best defenders ever, could have been in the squad.

He was once called up by Joel Santana to represent his country, but Mabizela kicked the nation in the teeth by not pitching up. So to stand on the rooftop now and shout that he is better than Bongani Khumalo and Bevan Fransman is utter rubbish. The poor man is suffering from verbal diarrhoea.

South Africa needs dedicated and disciplined players who put the country first, not someone who turned down call-ups and went drinking.

Everybody knows Mabizela is a good player but his behaviour caught up with him.

It is a fact that every player wants to shine during this World Cup on African soil.

My brotherly advice to Mabizela is: let your work on the field do the talking, leave everything to the technical team and stop demeaning other players.

Everyone knows that you were the youngest player in Msanzi to captain the national team. It was not without cause, since you were at your peak and disciplined then. Keep working hard because every dog has its day. You failed to make hay while the sun shone for you.

Tshifhiwa Magadani, Nzhelele