The kind of girl guys want

MANY women are extremely picky when it comes to choosing guys.

MANY women are extremely picky when it comes to choosing guys.

But do they ever pause and ask themselves what makes men run a mile when it comes to them? Do they ever ask, "What do men want?"

A depressed male friend says finding a good black woman these days is like looking for gold, especially in an era when females appear self-centred, empowered and materialistically focused to sex-ploit the male population.

Ann Hughes, a marriage counsellor, says the stereotype that men are unthinking and uncaring is not true.

"While there is some truth in male obsession with physical love and physical competition, they are much more layered than this," she says.

If you want to be a good woman to your man, examine the kind of women men are looking for.

Here's a list of women with traits that would make any guy happy by

Miss Sweet

She is positive, content with her life, always upbeat and a blast to be around. She's genuine and always truly happy to see you. You look forward to spending time with her. Miss Sweet is pretty rare.

Miss Equality

She is a true feminist not a radical man-hater or hypocritical pseudo-feminist who thinks that equality is demanding equal rights and an equal salary, but a man still has to pay for everything .

She genuinely likes men and understands that equality means equality across the board, from holding the door open to fighting in the front lines.

Miss Sexual

She loves men and loves sex and makes no bones about it. She's not selling it, she's not using it as a tool to manipulate, she just naturally craves it.

She's not a nympho. She's a free spirit who's honest about her sex drive.

Miss Best Friend

She's the kind of woman you're totally in sync with. You like the same things, watch the same TV shows and enjoy going to the same places.

You can spend five minutes with her and feel you've known her for years. She's always on your side, laughs at all your jokes, and calls you just to say "hi" because she genuinely misses you.

She's great just to hang with. You have to make your sexual interest known from day one because if she gets it into her head that you are going to be "just friends," it's almost impossible to change her mind.

Miss Straightforward

She knows how to communicate. There are no games and no expecting you to be a mind reader .

She will ask you out. She will do what she says. Though she might be blunt at times, at least you'll know where you stand and you'll never have to spend hours trying to decode contradictory or emotion-based female behaviour.

Miss Independent

She has a real life of her own and is happily going in her own positive direction. She wants a man in her life, but she certainly doesn't need a man in her life.

And she certainly isn't looking for a man to solve all her problems or blame when things don't go her way.

Miss Loyal

She will never cheat or constantly be on the lookout for a "better deal."

When you go out, she won't be scanning the room for other guys. She will keep her attention focused on you and she will stick around if times get tough.

Miss No Pressure

She's happy just to be with you. There' s no hint-dropping about, "Where is this relationship going", the future or window-shopping at the jewelry store. She might want to get married at some point but she's certainly in no hurry .

Miss Secure

She accepts herself as she is and is comfortable with her good points as well as her bad. She doesn't need constant attention , has tons of self-esteem and is always going in her own positive direction.

Miss Personality

Her intelligence, wit and sparkling presence lights up the room as soon as she walks into it .

Her personality is so charming it easily overcomes deficiencies she might have in the looks department, just because she's so great to be with.