A SMALL group of traders who support the demolition of Durban's Early Morning Market picketed the offices of the Legal Resources Centre in St George's Street yesterday.

Organisers of the march said they wanted the LRC to change its mind on the proposed development.

The LRC is one of the lobby groups that are against the construction of a new mall on the site the Early Morning Market and street traders have occupied for close to 100 years.

The protesters, calling themselves the Unicity Informal Economic Forum, toyi-toyied in favour of the new 2010 mall and market.

"This picket is to show our anger against stakeholders who are against the development that would benefit the traders," said Nicolas Zondo.

Zondo said not all supporters could attend the march but had sent "messages of support".

Meanwhile, Million Phehlukwayo of the Early Morning Market Traders Association, who has been trading at the market since 1992, said he could not "identify or recognise the traders who say they are in favour of the development".

He described the forum as "outsiders" not linked to the current market and who were interfering with the process.

He accused Zondo of being a "formal trader" since he runs a photocopying kiosk at the Berea Road Station.

"This has nothing to do with the market and he will not be affected by the proposed mall," Phehlukwayo said.

Zondo confirmed that he had a photocopying kiosk but saw nothing wrong with his role on the forum.

"I am the chairperson of the Unicity Forum, a body that discusses issues such as that of the development of WarwickJunction," he said.