Ngcobo, continue cleaning up JMPD

IT'S ABOUT time that City of Joburg flexes its muscle against the unruly and uncooperative South African Municipal Workers' Union that is hellbent on holding the city to ransom.

The hooliganism that mostly accompanies the union's (Samwu's) protests, which leaves the streets filthy, damages property and sometimes injures people, should be dealt with accordingly.

South Africa is not a banana republic so anarchy should not be tolerated.

In February Samwu levelled a litany of allegations at metro police chief Chris Ngcobo and demanded he be sacked.

Executive mayor Amos Masondo initiated an independent investigation into the allegations, most of which were flimsy because Samwu kept adding more allegations.

Ngcobo was put on special leave pending the investigations. Six months later details of the investigations clearing him were released.

Still the unruly members of Samwu do not agree with the outcome and recommendations of the investigation.

When we voted in the local government elections we voted for this administration and not the unions. Why is Samwu hell-bent on removing Ngcobo?

Ngcobo, continue your good work and fire those who think they are above the law. Deal with those who demand or accept bribes from motorists and those who steal from hawkers.

Ngcobo, keep on rooting out crime and corruption in the Johannesburg Metro Polce Department. We are right behind you.

Themba Sepotokele, Gauteng