Kwasakwasa king Sefofa in spat with cops

IN DISPUTE: Sefofa shows a cop papers for his impounded taxi. Pic. Unknown.
IN DISPUTE: Sefofa shows a cop papers for his impounded taxi. Pic. Unknown.

A HEATED argument between self-proclaimed Limpopo Kwasakwasa king Steven Maloabotsheba Sefofa and traffic officers at the weekend nearly degenerated into a serious fight.

This was the police impounded one of Sefofa's taxis in Modjadjiskloof on Saturday after it was alleged Sefofa had failed to secure an operating permit for the taxi.

The incident allegedly took place near a local taxi rank.

The taxi was ferrying passengers from Modjadjiskloof to Giyani when the scuffle started.

Sefofa, who was allegedly at a braai at the Mokwakwaila Shopping Complex, was called by his driver, who had been left stranded after the taxi was impounded.

A source said: "I was with him when we rushed to the traffic station, where a fierce argument between him and the cops ensued. The argument came to a head when the officers refused to give him a chance to explain himself."

A traffic officer allegedly told him: "You are not special. Just because you are rich doesn't mean you are above the law. You can go wherever you want but we won't release the taxi."

Sefofa retorted: "All my cars are roadworthy and have valid permits. If the permit is outdated, it would be a mistake on the part of the traffic department because that is where I renewed it.

"I am going to fight to the bitter end to ensure the department pays for my losses since Saturday."

Spokesperson for the department Wisane Ngobeni said yesterday that they were unaware of the incident.