Teachers accept offer

THE South African Democratic Teachers Union says it was happy to accept a revised salary offer - signed on Friday - "to avert a strike".

The union (Sadtu) said the new offer was "a victory for Sadtu and for collective labour in the public service sector as it gave them what they had been asking for".

The increase, which will be backdated to July 1, is on a sliding scale of between 10 and 13percent after their state employer revised its 8,5percent across-the-board increase offer.

Unions had demanded 15percent and the implementation of the 2007 agreement which took place after a crippling public services strike affected the whole country.

"Sadtu is committed to the quality learning and teaching campaign.

"The new approach by the new administration - of negotiating in good faith - will restore confidence in the collective bargaining processes which were characterised by arrogance and the abuse of power by the employer in the past," the teachers union said.

Various public service unions have now accepted offers presented at the Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council. - Getrude Makhafola