Serial killer found hanging from cell window

THE Modimolle serial killer has allegedly hung himself in his prison cell.

THE Modimolle serial killer has allegedly hung himself in his prison cell.

David Rannditsheni, 45, was sentenced to 26 life terms and 220 years imprisonment by the Modimolle circuit court three weeks ago.

He was serving his term at the Thohoyandou Prison.

Thohoyandou police spokesperson Captain Mashudu Malelo confirmed that Rannditsheni was found dead in the prison cell, hanging from the window by a piece of sheet.

Malelo said an inquest docket had been opened and police were investigating the matter.

"I can confirm that Rannditsheni was found hanging in the prison where he was serving his sentences for rape, murder and other cases, but an inquest docket has been opened," Malelo said.

Rannditsheni, pictured, raped, killed and murdered children at Phagameng in Modimolle between 2004 and 2008. He strangled them in the bush.

He was linked to crimes committed against children in the area after DNA tests incriminated him.

During his arrest police indicated that they had made a breakthrough in protecting communities that were living in fear of the serial killer that had been targeting kids.

The area has since been left traumatised as some of the parents are still in the dark about the whereabouts of the remains of their children because there had been no revelation at the Rannditsheni trial.

It is still not clear whether Rannditsheni had hanged himself or was allegedly killed, but police said they were investigating his death.

When he was sentenced the judge presiding in the trial instructed that Rannditsheni should not be considered for parole before serving 35 years.