Strikes are justified where poor are ignored

I WISH to express my views on the recent strikes.

I support the strikes 100percent. The doctors, who are performing an essential service to our people, are earning ridiculous and absurd salaries.

I have heard people saying that we must consider the recession before making monetary demands and going on strikes. The fact is, the government is buying very expensive cars for ministers: Two BMW 750i for the Minister of Communications Siphiwe Nyanda. The government should be setting an example of austerity for citizens.

We are not stupid. The government has money for a certain class, yet we the public earn nothing.

There are millions of South Africans who have nothing to eat, but ministers are driving cars worth millions of rand. This is completely unreasonable. Really, the government must start setting an example. They should start delivering services and stop enriching themselves.

Nathi Mgazi, Pongola