D e H oop D am set to boost growth and recovery

THE department of water affairs in Limpopo is planning to start with the distribution of water from De Hoop Dam to boost provincial growth.

The move by the department will allow authorities to use unused water that was to have been reserved for agricultural purposes.

The department said the plan would help the province's economic recovery.

Limpopo Chief director for water affairs Alson Matukane said water could be the best tool to help the economy recover, with the focus on distributing it to the mining and industrial developments in the province.

But the department seems to be stressed by farmers who are not using water according to regulations.

The department said some dams that were still under construction, but could deliver water, were set to start with distribution sooner than expected.

According to Matukane De Hoop Dam has the potential of serving the mining industry and the department is planning to start with the distribution soon.

With several developments taking place in the Lephalale area, including mining, industrial and construction of the power station, Matukane said water from Mokolo Dam would not be able to make the power station run.

Matukane said planning the developments that are to be undertaken by Exxaro coal mine, Sasol and Petro SA would increase the demand for water in the area.

He said some of the farmers were not using water allocated to them and would be stripped of their rights in order to have more water to meet the needs of the operations in the province.