Cansa race hits top gear

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Cervical cancer is one of the biggest killers in Africa and the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) wants to highlight and reduce the incidence of this disease.

One vehicle Cansa uses for achieving this is the Lost City Cycle Challenge.

It stages this event yearly at Sun City resort to raise funds for the cancer awareness campaign.

The 12th instalment of the race was launched in Sandton, Johannesburg, yesterday.

The organisers hope to raise more than R300000 for the cause.

They have managed to raise more than R2,5million in the past 11 years.

Cansa manager Wilma Jennings, speaking at the launch, said it was importance that women should have regular medical checkups and learn more about the disease.

"Early detection means a greater chance of survival," Jennings, said.

The organisers said the field will once again be limited to 4500 - 6000 for the road race and 1500 for the mountain bike challenge.

Though roads will not be closed off for the event, organisers promise it will be a case of safety first.

They have 50 traffic officers on duty to direct traffic and a strong contingent of emergency vehicles to deal with any mishaps.

The highly cycle race promises to be enthralling, once again.