DA leader is revealing her true colours

Helen Zille does not yet understand that her racist DA, based on the "swart gevaar", will never be a formidable opposition party in South Africa.

It is regrettable that she attacks President Jacob Zuma with racist remarks.

The majority has spoken. The ANC has the majority mandate, so Zille must start working with her rugby team in Western Cape.

The black and coloured women who voted for her are in for a big shock. The ANC has changed the lives of the majority for the better and the apartheid-infested DA is the same National Party that created apartheid.

This will be witnessed in Western Cape as in the Midvaal municipality in Meyerton, Gauteng, where there is no affirmative action and contracts are reserved for Broederbond members.

Malema is right. Zille is a fake like her plastic face and will never have any respect for black people. She complained when Thabo Mbeki ignored her but now she shows that she deserved it.

She must know that she cannot be Western Cape premier and a leader of the opposition. Maybe she wants to be the mayor of Cape Town, the leader of the opposition and the premier of Western Cape.

There is a difference between attacking a leader of a rival political party and attacking a democratically elected state president.

Kweletsi Maphopha,