Bounced out of the high life

GOING, GOING: The Melrose Arch Hotel where Mandla lived . 14/05/2009. Pic. Veli Nhlapo. © Sowetan
GOING, GOING: The Melrose Arch Hotel where Mandla lived . 14/05/2009. Pic. Veli Nhlapo. © Sowetan

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

Boastful celebrity couple Mandla Mthembu and Khanyisile Mbau's Lamborghini is set to be repossessed today due to non-payment.

Two weeks ago Mbau - a TV actress - bragged about spending over R50000 on clothes for the two days she spent at the SA Music Awards (Sama) recently . She dismissed Sowetan reports that her tycoon husband had skipped two payments on his luxury vehicle, insisting that the R4million sports car "was going nowhere".

Today we reveal that Mthembu defaulted for the third time on the R36000 monthly instalment for one of their two Lamborghinis.

At the time of going to print, Mthembu was in arrears of R111647. Two independent sources told Sowetan that the recovery team was "out in full force" looking for the car and that Mthembu was "lying low and avoiding calls".

His cellphone was switched off after ringing unanswered.

"If he continues playing cat-and-mouse the car will be reported as stolen tomorrow (today), and anyone found driving it will be arrested," a source told Sowetan yesterday.

The former Muvhango actress had told our sister paper The Times: "I am having eight outfits done for me by Jeff of Jeff International, for all the Sama events.

"There are four for the two gala events, two for the after-parties and another two in case I need something extra to wear. I will be driving the car to the awards."

Incredibly as Mbau cruised to the awards in style on May 2, Mthembu was presenting ABSA Vehicle Finance with a dud cheque for R36690, probably to delay the repossession of the car.

But the non-starter cheque bounced two days later.

"He is playing games. He gave them an address at Michelangelo Towers in Sandton but no one seems to know him there. He is also avoiding their calls because he knows they are looking for the car," a source told us.

Our sister paper Sunday World reported at the weekend that the couple were kicked out of Michelangelo Towers after defaulting on their R100000-a-month rented apartment.

Another source said: "In April and May the debit orders for the car bounced. The bank is no longer interested in his excuses."

To make matters worse, Mthembu is facing three court battles which could sink him deeper into debt.

On Monday he will be at the Johannesburg family court after failing to pay R4000 in monthly maintenance for his two children and ex-wife Dolly Matshabe for the past three months.

In a fortnight Mthembu will also be in the South Gauteng high court to defend a defamation case brought by Matshabe. This was after he initially denied paternity of his cerebral palsied daughter he fathered with Matshabe, insinuating that she had been unfaithful.

Another problem likely to bring the couple to their knees is a looming court battle with the Johannesburg metro police department.

The couple - infamous for bragging about their fleet of luxury vehicles - owe R78000 in outstanding traffic fines.

The JMPD has confirmed that officers had been to Mthembu's addresses to arrest him but could not find him.