Poll brings cheer to disabled Linda

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

While everyone was complaining about the long and winding queue of voters at a polling station in Olivenhoutsbosch outside Midrand, Linda Blom was smiling because her hawking business was doing very well.

The mother of five was selling everything from snacks to cool-drinks, and (loose draws) cigarettes. Her stall on the side of the road was a favourite among the voters.

"Though it is cold, I came here at 6.30am and have already made about R600. I normally make this much in two or three days," she said.

Blom said her only regret was that she had not bought enough goods to sell on the day.

"If I knew that there would be so many people, I would have stocked more goodies. Now there is nothing I can do because the shops are closed.

"People keep coming for more but I can't give them what they want because I have run out of stock," she said.

Blom said she started selling on the streets in 1976.

"I am disabled but I manage to put food on the table for my children," she said.