Beware of snakes within ANC ranks

When Cope was formed, we were told that the dogs had left the ANC, they were called dead snakes, cockroaches and all that.

Yes, I believe in all these statements but I have a warning for the ANC: while you are busy concentrating on dead snakes and toothless dogs, you are forgetting about the poisonous snakes and the pit bulls within your party.

If you don't take care of those comrades now you'll see the biggest and bloodiest division in your party.

The biggest anacondas are Blade Nzimande, Ace Magashule, Winnie MadikizelaMandela and Mathews Phosa. If things go according to the plans of these individuals then the ANC will be in trouble.

These are not dead snakes, they can mobilise people to make this country ungovernable and they are the masters of back-stabbing. If you don't believe that ask Thabo Mbeki.

There is no smoke without fire. In the past the media reported that the ANC was splitting and Cope was formed, it reported that Mbeki would not complete his term and he was fired even when the ANC denied this. Now it's being reported that some ANC members are not happy about Nzimande.

Let's watch the space and see what will happen. As for Jacob Zuma, he is just a Zulu "boy" who is in trouble and everyone is trying to help him for their personal gain and settle their scores with Mbeki.

Lucky Mazibuko, Etwatwa