Beware the greedy churches

After reading the article about some pastors at the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God who underwent vasectomy, I didn't know whether to laugh or sympathise with them.

When you carry out such an instruction at the behest of a pastor it proves that you worship and fear that pastor.

I have a problem with these so-called charismatic churches. They are out to make a quick buck at the expense of the poor.

This can be seen from their material possessions and lifestyles, their German cars, designer suits, plush homes in leafy suburbs and the local and overseas private schools their kids attend.

All these luxuries are paid for by the poor congregants who are promised a better life on Earth and in heaven.

Why should a man of God go out of his way to accumulate so much wealth for himself while his congregation lives in poverty?

Was it not Jesus who said: "Sell your possessions and give to the poor, for where your wealth is there will your heart be also?"

We can all believe in different pastors and even guard and defend a belief with our lives, but to believe a pastor who says one must sterilise himself so as to be able to execute one's duties with excellence is taking this too far.

A few days back, the pope criticised the use of condoms and, believe you me, some fanatical church member is going to take the pope's word as the gospel truth and stop using condoms.

Hloni Leseka,

Protea North