No stopping this go-getter DJ

Elijar Mushiana

Elijar Mushiana

Veteran DJ Rapson Mbilu Rambuwani refuses to let the stigma of albinism prevent him from achieving his dream.

Rambuwani, 46, of Unit C in Thohoyandou, Limpopo is a deejay at the University of Venda Community Radio Station. Unlike some who are not comfortable with their albinism condition, this man walks tall and calls himself "a white man".

He hosts a programme on disability on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and is putting the station on the map.

"My programmes help disabled people to be independent. I also help them with tenders, to get wheelchairs, to get into the industry and to get low-cost houses."

Rambuwani has a lot on his plate. The DJ is also a gospel musician, president of Albinism Forum Limpopo, chairperson of Limpopo Disabled Forum and public relations officer of the Limpopo Music Forum.

He is a true role model and regularly visits disabled people and anyone else who needs help.

"Since the 90s, I have established many disabled forums and branches. I also raised funds from local donors and bought sun block for people to protect themselves from the sun."

He also helps disabled people get recording deals.

"I help them to understand the industry. I teach them how to market their music and help them with contacts. I also educate people who continue to hide their disabled family members."