Community cop back where he belongs

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

The struggle to force the government to reverse a decision to incorporate Khutsong into North West is almost over - but it has left several residents with scars that will take time to heal.

One such victim is Detective Inspector Mojo Kadi. He lost his job because he was seen as siding with the residents.

Kadi's sin was his association with the community during the dispute between the government and residents, who were opposed to being incorporated into North West.

He was summoned to National Police Commissioner Jacky Selebi's office to account for his association. Then he was suspended and fired in November 2006.

"I told Selebi and my seniors that I am the servant of the community and I will not disassociate myself from the community," Kadi said.

"Selebi told me he was worried about arsonists and I promised him that I would arrest anybody involved in unlawful acts.

"They did not take kindly to the fact that I was not isolated from members of the community. They said I was part and parcel of a group causing anarchy."

Kadi, who was in the service for more than 15 years, said he was fired for, among other things, "participating in political meetings, being a political adviser of community leader Jomo Mogale and failure to protect the houses of councillors that were burnt".

"Mayor Des van Rooyen gave false evidence that I was the brains behind the anti-North West sentiments and a political adviser of Mogale," Kadi said.

"My wife and children suffered the most. My son performed badly at school and was always crying. My wife had to go for counselling. My car was repossessed.

"I was sad that politicians and certain senior officers were punishing me for being part of the community, something I believe should be encouraged among police officers. I have paid a price for staying with the community."

Kadi's appeal against the decision was rejected until he approached the Safety and Security Sectoral Bargaining Council.

He was reinstated in May.

"I am happy to be back arresting criminals again with the help of the community.

"The community fought a noble struggle and I could not have run away to the suburbs to avoid being seen with them.

"The scar of what I went through will remain with me but I am not alone. I still have my community."